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From leading industry experts to award winning directors, our team builds film projects from the ground up, ensuring that your production is the best it can be.

We are Big Book Media, an independent film and television production company with 25 years of industry experience under our belt.

Our talented team has a diverse set of expertise that enables us to work on a broad range of creative projects, everything from live action to animation whilst always embracing new media platforms and technologies.

Having filmed extensively in Morocco’s towns, cities, and mountainous regions, our crew is adaptable, hard working, and unfazed by a new creative challenge. We’ve negotiated locations used by many of the largest Hollywood studios and tailored bespoke set designs, giving our productions maximum authenticity and on-screen impact.

When it comes to quality productions, we set the bar pretty high. It’s why our work has been featured around the world on some of the most prestigious broadcast networks.




BBM started in June 2009 in order to facilitate Hannah Leader to produce her own films, TV series and documentaries along side her legal practise. Hannah has worked as a lawyer in the independent film world, with producers and financiers as clients for 35 years.

Hannah’s producing credits include:

PRODUCER: The Christmas Candle (dir. John Stevenson), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: The Story of Jesus (BBC), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: In the Footsteps of St. Paul, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: The Edge of Love (dir. John Maybury), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (dir. Sidney Lumet), CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lucky Number Slevin (dir. Paul McGuigan), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: The Company (dir. Robert Altman), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Spider (dir. David Cronenberg), EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Gosford Park (dir. Robert Altman).

Office Manager & Asst to the Producer

Production Coordinator

Development Executive


We regret that due to the volume of material we receive, we are unable to accept unsolicited queries, scripts or showreels sent into Big Book Media Ltd.

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